Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

Nowadays there is no possibility not to read about the new next thing: Internet of Thins (IOT). As a Java developer who mainly develops web applications and the backends IOT is not the daily business (at least in my case) but if you search hard enough you'll find a usecase. Usecase In my case the … Continue reading Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

JSR 303 Bean ValidationViolationChecker

Introduction In my daily work I often use Java Bean Validation (JSR 303) to get rid of validation boiler plate code in Java methods. The problem As Java Bean Validation is just declarative using annotations I want to test the validation in my JUnit tests. One may say these are integration tests instead of unit … Continue reading JSR 303 Bean ValidationViolationChecker

Eclipse ResourceBundle Plugin – Update

Today I tried to install the Eclipse ResourceBundle Plugin (which I posted about here) in Spring Toolsuite 3.6 which is based on Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) and was horrified the version 0.8.0 does not work. I really like this very helpful plugin and use it for my every day work. As far I found here the … Continue reading Eclipse ResourceBundle Plugin – Update