Maven, spring-data JPA, EclipseLink and static weaving

Introduction My last Vaadin project at work is a somehow complex application and I was looking for a persistence layer which matches perfectly the given techniques Maven and Spring. I wanted to avoid Hibernate's lazy loading exceptions, so I searched for alternatives and found EclipseLink as standard JPA implementation (I also planed to use JPA … Continue reading Maven, spring-data JPA, EclipseLink and static weaving

Uploader published

Today I published a new project, the Uploadr in BitBucket. Introduction Uploadr is a little command line tool written in Java which is able to upload fotos to flickr. Well, Uploadr isn't that little because I wanted to have some more features so it now is a kind of universal extendable upload tool. The intention … Continue reading Uploader published

spring-mvp Vaadin addon

After my first successfully completed Vaadin project I knew: Vaadin is a very good technology but the provided possibilities to create event driven applications were too limited. Coming from Adobe Flex using the Cairngorm project I knew there should be more possibilities for dispatching events, register listeners and so on. The next project at work … Continue reading spring-mvp Vaadin addon

Vaadin TouchKit and Spring

Vaadin provides a convenient and fast way to create Rich Internet Applications. Normally "Desktop applications" which run in desktop browsers are created with Vaadin. For mobile applications running the webbrowser of mobile devices Vaadin provides the TouchKit addon. Spring integration with Vaadin is not provided by default but can be upgraded by the Spring-Stuff addon. … Continue reading Vaadin TouchKit and Spring