Docker, applications and Traefik

Introduction A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with Docker. I set up a small server at home and I wanted to host several applications like a mailserver, nextcloud, an apache webserver hosting my panorama fotos, gitlab for my code and so on. It was not as complicated as I thought setting up … Continue reading Docker, applications and Traefik

Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

Nowadays there is no possibility not to read about the new next thing: Internet of Thins (IOT). As a Java developer who mainly develops web applications and the backends IOT is not the daily business (at least in my case) but if you search hard enough you'll find a usecase. Usecase In my case the … Continue reading Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

spring-mvp Vaadin addon

After my first successfully completed Vaadin project I knew: Vaadin is a very good technology but the provided possibilities to create event driven applications were too limited. Coming from Adobe Flex using the Cairngorm project I knew there should be more possibilities for dispatching events, register listeners and so on. The next project at work … Continue reading spring-mvp Vaadin addon

Creating user interfaces with Wireframesketcher

A couple of weeks ago Peter Severin – the creator of WireframeSketcher contacted me and asked me if I would like to test his tool. Until now I used Balsamiq Mockups to sketch my possible GUIs so I was really looking forwart to testing WireframeSketcher. WireframeSketcher can be installed as RCP standalone version or as … Continue reading Creating user interfaces with Wireframesketcher