Docker, applications and Traefik

Introduction A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with Docker. I set up a small server at home and I wanted to host several applications like a mailserver, nextcloud, an apache webserver hosting my panorama fotos, gitlab for my code and so on. It was not as complicated as I thought setting up … Continue reading Docker, applications and Traefik


Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

Nowadays there is no possibility not to read about the new next thing: Internet of Thins (IOT). As a Java developer who mainly develops web applications and the backends IOT is not the daily business (at least in my case) but if you search hard enough you'll find a usecase. Usecase In my case the … Continue reading Internet of Things (IOT) for a Java developer

spring-mvp Vaadin addon

After my first successfully completed Vaadin project I knew: Vaadin is a very good technology but the provided possibilities to create event driven applications were too limited. Coming from Adobe Flex using the Cairngorm project I knew there should be more possibilities for dispatching events, register listeners and so on. The next project at work … Continue reading spring-mvp Vaadin addon

Creating user interfaces with Wireframesketcher

A couple of weeks ago Peter Severin – the creator of WireframeSketcher contacted me and asked me if I would like to test his tool. Until now I used Balsamiq Mockups to sketch my possible GUIs so I was really looking forwart to testing WireframeSketcher. WireframeSketcher can be installed as RCP standalone version or as … Continue reading Creating user interfaces with Wireframesketcher

Flashbuilder additional Compiler arguments

If you build your Flex application using flexmojos version < 3.7 you have to give Flashbuilder some additional compiler settings for multilingual application. In my projects I use the standard flexmojos maven project structure. I put my locale properties files in src/main/resources/locale which means you have for german src/main/resources/locale/de_DE and for english src/main/resources/locale/de_DE. For this … Continue reading Flashbuilder additional Compiler arguments

Data Management with GraniteDS

Introduction Flex itself can't access any backend Java logic. One could use HTTP Services to access backend systems but if you want to transfert data as quick as possible you should use something like Adobe BlazeDS or GraniteDS. BlazeDS is provided by Adobe and does not have several features the commercial product LiveCycle Data Services … Continue reading Data Management with GraniteDS

Incompatibility Flashbuilder 4.1 Eclipse Plugin and Eclipse Helios

Today I discoverd a strange bug in Flashbuilder 4.1 Eclipse plugin in combination with Eclipse Helios SR1. The installation was without problems and I was even able to run FlexUnit testcases for Flex Application projects but I wasn't able to run FlexUnit testcases for Flex Library projects. I always got this error: FlexUnitApplication start failed. … Continue reading Incompatibility Flashbuilder 4.1 Eclipse Plugin and Eclipse Helios