Privacy Policy

This is an private blog and I do not intend to earn money with this blog. As this blog is hosted by WordPress I do not have a clue what WordPress does with your data by default.

I know WordPress provides Analysis tools, you are able to leave comments and your data (probably your IP address, your name, your e-Mail address) is saved in the WordPress servers.

The data you give in the contact form is just used to create an e-Mail which is sent to my mail account, your data is not analyzed but saved as e-Mail on my mailserver.

So if you do not trust WordPress or me, do not read this blog, do not post any comment or do not contact me using the contact-form.

About this blog

I’ve been working as a Java developer since 2005. Every day I learn a lot about frameworks, design patterns, devops, continous development and so on.

In this blog I want to share and document some of my learnings so it can easily reused (even by me 😉 ).

About me

My name is Christoph Guse. You can find some information about in in