Working dark theme for Eclipse

Bright color scheme and the cool guys

When you use the Eclipse IDE, in my case this is the Spring Tool Suite, the default color theme is bright with a white background.

If you talk to guys who do a real programming language – in their eyes Java is not really a programming language – you often hear them making fun of the color scheme in Eclipse.

As a good Java programmer you should be able to ignore the comments about your favorite programming language but for some people it is more convenient to have a dark background as this is less stressful for your eyes.

Unfortunately the Eclipse built in dark theme does not look good and I can’t use it in production use.

Dark color scheme for the cool Java guys

Yesterday I found a useable dark theme for Eclipse: the Darkest Dark Theme. At a first glance this theme look pretty good and usable (screenshot was taken from the Eclipse Marketplace).


In case you would like to use a dark theme and if you are not able to convince your boss paying for IntelliJ, then the darkest dark theme may be the way to go and to keep up with the cool coding guys 😉


The Darkest Dark Theme can be installed by searching the Eclipse Marketplace or you can drag the icon to your running Eclipse workspace to install the Darkest Dark Theme.

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace.


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