Eclipse Resourcebundle Plugin


Almost every time I set up an Eclipse or Eclipse based (like Spring Source Tool Suite) IDE, sooner or later I need a good Properties file editor for editing translations in ResourceBundles. Unfortunately the one included into Eclipse – doesn’t matter which Eclipse version – is not the best for this case.

Fortunately there is a very good one out there in the Web: Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor

The special feature of this editor is that all translations for a key are shown at once so it is very easy to check out if a translation was left out.



Installation is simple despite the fact there is no Eclipse update site available.

  1. download the newest version of the Resource Bundle Editor ZIP file from the download site
  2. extract the ZIP file to your harddisk
  3. copy the folder com.essiembre.eclipse.i18n.resourcebundle_0.8.0 (depends on the version you downloaded) in the plugin folder of the ZIP to the plugins folder of your Eclipse installation
  4. restart Eclipse and enjoy the Resource Bundle Editor!

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