Vaadin TouchKit and Spring

Vaadin provides a convenient and fast way to create Rich Internet Applications. Normally “Desktop applications” which run in desktop browsers are created with Vaadin. For mobile applications running the webbrowser of mobile devices Vaadin provides the TouchKit addon.

Spring integration with Vaadin is not provided by default but can be upgraded by the Spring-Stuff addon. Spring-Stuff is designed for desktop applications and not for TouchKit mobile applications. To fill this gap I created the spring-touchkit addon.

This addon is a very thin layer and easy to use. In the sources you can find in a demo application which uses spring-touchkit. In combination with the manual you should easily be able to create your own spring-touchkit application.

Do not worry about the version of the manual, there are no differences between 0.0.1, 0.0.2 and 0.0.3.


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