Flashbuilder additional Compiler arguments

If you build your Flex application using flexmojos version < 3.7 you have to give Flashbuilder some additional compiler settings for multilingual application. In my projects I use the standard flexmojos maven project structure. I put my locale properties files in src/main/resources/locale which means you have for german src/main/resources/locale/de_DE and for english src/main/resources/locale/de_DE. For this … Continue reading Flashbuilder additional Compiler arguments


Data Management with GraniteDS

Introduction Flex itself can't access any backend Java logic. One could use HTTP Services to access backend systems but if you want to transfert data as quick as possible you should use something like Adobe BlazeDS or GraniteDS. BlazeDS is provided by Adobe and does not have several features the commercial product LiveCycle Data Services … Continue reading Data Management with GraniteDS